Cleaning finger-cot - Pink
An Upgrade Finger-cot for Deep Cleaning Your face  Finger-Cot that can clean your face with just a drop of facial cleanser with rich foam. With multiple texture design can deep cleaning face and removal black head one nose.  Product Highlight ...
Anti Wrinkle Silicon Pads
Gain a smoother, charming face, younger look! Our set includes a reusable silicone chest patch, a neck pad, an eye mask, a cheek stick and forehead pad to help you reduces appearance of wrinkles fine line on face, cleavage, chest and...
V Line Face Shaping Lifting Band - Pink
Having a gorgeous V up line chin Be youthful and attractive with  innovative lifting technology by using v-line chin lift strap to tighten the under chin skin and improve facial and neck wrinkles, shaping the perfect v line contour.   ...
Silicone Facial Mask
Allowing the serum to fully penetrate your skin Environmental benefits and sustainability plus help to lock in skin product to your face. Cover mask to prevents mask essence from evaporating under air conditioning and leave the serum moister stay in your...
Dual sided Lip & nose Brush - Green
Easy to apply, clean and no irritating for deep cleaning your nose &  lip! Soft and clean exquisite brush for lip while the other size with rough brush to perform massage and clean the skin's horny. The end tip is...
Double-headed Silicone Facial Brush
An all-in-one skincare brush tool Handy skincare tool when comes for applying and removing facial masks and massaging the skin. Easier to use around those hard to reach and smaller sections of your face, such as your eyes and nose area...
2 in 1 silicone face cleansing brush - Pink
An Upgrade Dual-ended multi-functional skincare tool Applying and removing facial masks and massaging the skin. Cute cat ear shape is design for removing makeup and clean face more thoroughly, and the smooth, soft and full silicone surface is design for...
Facial Mask Applicator - Green
Avoid directly contacting with beauty products, and evenly applies to face Multi-functional skin care brush tool that can be used to apply and remove facial masks. It is also a perfect face wash and massage brush.   Product Highlight  *2...
Makeup Brush with scoop
One brush for multiple purposes The bristles of the brush head are tight and full, and the mask or skin care products can be evenly applied to the face.  The other end of the brush acts as a spoon to...
Facial Cleansing Brush Scrubbers - Blue
Suitable for any skin type!  The facial scrubbers can easily massaging exfoliating dead skin or black head from pores from face when just simply scrubbing.   Product Highlight  * Super soft not to hurt the skin. anti-oxidation, and durable *...
Oval face wash brush - Pink
Portable and useful tool to massage and clean your face Invigorate your skin with our silicone face scrubbers. Helps soften the skin, promote facial blood circulation, improve skin absorption of cream, serum, moisturizer.    Product Highlight * Built with two...
Octopus Shape Face Scrubber - Pink
Cute enough for daily use or travel Cute small octopus shape, it's easy to hold and move around while cleaning your face. Gentle face exfoliate Brush with fine & rough surfaces provide deep cleansing and massage.   Product Detail *...
Double-ended Face & hair Brush - Black
Two in one for face & hair!  Double-sided detachable for adding shampoo or facial cleanser and provide a multi-functional experience. Soft and comfortable silicone for massaging the face and soft silicone spikes for massaging the scalp.   Product Highlight *...
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